Michael J. Fox reveals new health problems in the middle of the Battle of Parkinson


8:15 PST 01/03/2019


Ryan Parker

The actor also spoke of his frustrations with Donald Trump and the apparent skepticism of his administration about science.

Michael J. Fox opened to talk about a new series of serious health problems related to his Parkinson's disease, which had caused him to fall often and even require surgery to the spine.

The beloved 57-year-old actor talked about his recent fights and much more in an interview with The New York Times Magazine published on Friday.

the Back to the future and Family ties He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1991, but was not made public until 1998. He continued to play in numerous movies and television shows while dealing with the disease. He has also become one of the most virulent advocates of seeking a cure for the disease. Thanks to the foundation, he has begun to raise $ 800 million to date.

But lately, Fox's health has taken a disturbing turn, he said. The temperature.

"I had this recurring problem with my spine," Fox said. "It was said that it was benign, but if it remained static, I would have less sensations in my legs and trouble moving." Then suddenly, I had started to fall – a lot – it was becoming ridiculous – I was trying to analyze what is Parkinson's. " and what was the cause of the spine. But it came to the point where it was probably necessary to have surgery. I have therefore undergone an operation and followed an intense physical therapy. I did everything and eventually people asked me to do some action. Last August, I had to go to work. I woke up, went into the kitchen for breakfast, went astray and fell. I fractured my arm, I ended up getting 19 pins and a plate. such a blow. "

Fox explained that he was trying to push himself too far, too fast after a serious operation. "It's because I had optimistic expectations of myself and I had results to make them come true, but I had failures too, and I did not give equal weight to those failures." , did he declare.

Yet, the actor believes in a cure and will continue to do everything in his power to help his foundation discover himself.

"There is a new drug that has been approved that looks like an emergency inhaler when you freeze," he said. "Because freezing is a very real thing for Parkinson's patients, I could be sitting here with my foot on fire and a glass of water over there on the table and all I could do, Is thinking how much it pours this water on my foot.Treatments can make a huge difference in people's lives.Now, if we can prevent Parkinson's symptoms from developing in a person, is this a treatment? No, would I take it? Yes. "

He also spoke of his frustrations with Donald Trump and the apparent skepticism of his administration about science.

"We have a working relationship with the government," he said of his foundation. "Trump does not think about Parkinson's, but I got angry when he made fun of this reporter.[Lorsd'unrassemblementde2015enCarolineduSudDonaldTrumpasemblésemoquerdeSergeKovaleskireporterpour[Ata2015rallyinSouthCarolinaDonaldTrumpappearedtomockSergeKovaleskiareporterfor[Lorsd’unrassemblementde2015enCarolineduSudDonaldTrumpasemblésemoquerdeSergeKovaleskireporterpour[Ata2015rallyinSouthCarolinaDonaldTrumpappearedtomockSergeKovaleskiareporterforThe New York Times who has arthogryposis joint disease.]It was a blow to the wrist. Not just for me, but for the people I know and work with who are trying so hard to overcome the atavistic aversion of others to those who move differently. So I thought, "Am I saying something in response?" Then I thought: "People already know that Trump is a [expletive]. & # 39; "

Fox is currently working on a new book (he has already written three best-selling memoirs) focused on a question he asked himself during his recent health problems: "Was it a false hope that I sold? Is there a line beyond which there is no consolation?

"For me, going to this place is pretty dark," he said. "I realized that the understanding I had with Parkinson's disease was sincere, but that I risked being flippant." I had made peace with the disease, but I assumed that the others had the same relationship that when they did not have spinal surgery, I realized: wow, it can be a lot worse, as I was in a position where I could not walk and that I had medical aids 24 hours a day, I was always ready to say: "Hey, hangover!" Parkinson's, it's a test strange. "

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