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Michelle Rejwan will oversee all live actions of Star Wars Productions – / Movie

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Michelle Rejwan began her career as an assistant and rose through the ranks to become a producer this year. Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker. Its rise has now reached an all-time high: Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has hired Rejwan as Senior Vice President of Live Action Production and Development in the company.

The deadline announces the commitment of Rejwan, which is a step in the right direction for Lucasfilm as the company places another talented woman in a position of key strength. (Maybe she can expand the management pools for the future Star wars films?) In her new role she will "oversee a new selection of feature films and episodic series for Lucasfilm and Disney + and continue to produce with Kennedy [the] Star wars the franchise is built. "

Rejwan started as a casting assistant for the brilliant casting director, Allison Jones, before becoming assistant to Jeff Garlin (Calm your enthusiasm) and finally J.J. Abrams. At Bad Robot Productions in Abrams, Rejwan became associate producer on Super 8 then a co-producer on Star Trek in the darkness and Star Wars: The awakening of the force before moving to full-fledged status in the latest appearance in the Skywalker saga.

Kennedy issued a statement praising Rejwan's ability to handle such gigantic and complex productions as Star wars the universe requires:

"Working with Michelle over the past seven years as a producer of both the force awakens and now The rise of SkywalkerI saw her skills in collaboration with screenwriters and directors, and I was incredibly impressed by her creative skills and ability to manage the complexity of these gigantic projects. I know how important it is to build a team you trust and with whom you have fun, it is essential to our success. The future of the franchise is gaining momentum, and I and the Lucasfilm team look forward to working with Michelle to shape the future in all areas of story development, film development for live action content cinema for Disney +. "

Lucasfilm has already placed women in leadership positions – Kennedy herself at the top of the food chain, Bryce Dallas Howard directed an episode of the Disney + series The mandalorianand Kiri Hart was the development manager for Lucasfilm's reporting group before leaving the company – but it was too rare. The performance behind the scenes is just as important as in front of the camera, and hope that Rejwan will facilitate the arrival of more women and people of color around the world. Star wars the universe to different perspectives, which could give rise to new types of stories that we have not yet seen in a galaxy far removed.

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