Michigan football in South Africa in May

Jim Harbaugh and his company took their team on international trips around the world. In 2017, it was Italy. Last year, it was France.

The team is now heading to Africa – South Africa to be more specific.

Director of Football Operations Mark Taurisani tweeted Tuesday the team's plan to travel to South Africa this spring.

The Associated Press reports that the trip will take place in May after the semester. He also indicates that the team will not practice this trip, much like last year's trip. The team however practiced in Italy in 2017.

Although some people can make fun of these trips, you know, the crowd "WHEN YOU GONNA DO YOU VISIT INDIANAPOLIS" is it a great way for players and coaches to get acquainted with others would not be able to otherwise and create a link at the same time. It's a great opportunity for everyone involved. And not a penny goes out of the pocket of the university. Really a win-win.

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