Michigan quarterback Shea Patterson "excited" by new offense
Angelique S. Chengelis, The Detroit News

Ann Arbor – No one will really see what offensive offensive coordinator Josh Gattis's Michigan offensive looks like until the fall, at the start of the season, but fans got a glimpse of some of the scrum situations on Saturday as part of the Spring match at Michigan Stadium.

There are no surprises in terms of the fast tempo and the casual, and the quarterbacks, available for a first media interview this spring, said they had no doubt what Gattis had installed . It's a total break with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh's mistakes over the past four years.

"It 's night and day," said starting quarterback Shea Patterson, who looked keen on Saturday' s offense. "We will postpone some things from last year. But as far as similarities are concerned, there are very few. It's gonna be fun. I'm counting on the leaders of the game. "

Michigan offensive players said they had studied the Alabama attack last year to see what Gattis was handling. They have all embraced change and challenges and appreciate the more modern, faster approach of attacking the defense.

"I was just excited," Patterson said when he heard that Gattis had taken orders. "I watched a lot of Alabama last year. Upon his arrival, Day 1, just received the facilities and watch him with him and could not wait to get to the field. "

Several of Michigan's playmakers were injured this spring, including receivers Donovan Peoples-Jones, Nico Collins, running back Christian Turner and rookie Zach Charbonnet. But the quarterbacks, including Patterson, Dylan McCaffrey and Joe Milton, had a lot to do because they absorbed the attack. They did not miss these key players, but their absences gave rookie receiver Mike Sainristil and receivers Ronnie Bell and Oliver Martin the opportunity.

The quarterbacks, who now work with new coach Ben McDaniels, have a lot to do, but they all played a version of this offense either in high school or as Patterson did his first two seasons at Ole Miss.

"I feel natural there," Patterson said. "I think less. Incredible quarterback coach, Ben McDaniels. He mentally prepared the entire quarter room and I think the game slowed down a bit. Let's take one piece at a time and playmakers create pieces. "

Harbaugh shared the quarterback depth chart with Patterson, who led the team to 10-3 in 1st place, McCaffrey last season's replacement and Milton No. 3.

Harbaugh warned that Patterson should not lift his feet and relax, as these two men would push him. Patterson said that they were all helping each other to improve, but he was also very motivated.

"We're all pushing each day," Patterson said. "But the mentality that I adopted with this spring was just a competition with myself. Be better than yesterday. Do not make the same mistake twice. To take notes. Be the best quarter I can be for this team.

McCaffrey is completely cured of the clavicle fracture that he suffered at the end of last season against Penn State. He still looked fit when he entered the games last season and during the spring match had the opportunity to show his mobility. He is all-in with Gattis's attack. He said that he enjoyed Gattis' energy and that he was encouraging them to "play harder" than before.


Michigan quarterback Dylan McCaffrey said all QBs support each other
Angelique S. Chengelis, The Detroit News

"I really enjoy it," McCaffrey said. "I think we are moving much faster. The offensive has a lot more energy and I love it. As the season approaches, we have a lot of players to play. We have a group of sports quarterbacks and I think this offense allows a quarterback to be athletic. I think it's going to be good for us. "

Many offensive players this spring said the team needed change.

"I really think we needed more energy than anything," McCaffrey said. "We are coming now with new energy."

Milton committed a similar offense in high school and said that every quarter had a solid understanding of the offense. McCaffrey and Milton do not concede the entry-level position and said they were in fierce competition with Patterson. Milton is inspired by two white rubber wristbands that tell him: "Just be you." He bought them a few weeks ago to accompany the reminders he keeps in his phone.


Michigan substitute quarterback Joe Milton said he had stepped on the gas with this offense.
Angelique S. Chengelis, The Detroit News

"This year, I feel more comfortable with what I do and what I see in defense," said Milton on Saturday. "I adapted well. The competition is still open. I never know what is happening, like last year. I will compete here every day, no matter if I have the first job or not. Just compete. "

Like the others, he is delighted with Gattis' attack.

"I was excited," he said. "I was like, I put my foot on gasoline, and we'll just leave. I just can not go. We have to do it as a team. We all came and showed today what we have up to now.

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Patterson loves the atmosphere of this team as well as the chemistry and camaraderie that he has with his teammates.

"We are sinking much better," he said.

And he developed a chemistry with Gattis.

"We believe in him, we trust him," Patterson said. "We are ready to leave."

Michigan still has some workouts this week before finishing its spring ball. During the off-season, it will be a question of gathering the offensive players to continue to develop a rhythm before the autumn camp.

"At this point, we feel good," McCaffrey said. "Certainly a learning curve, no matter what offense you have committed during the first two days. The team handled the situation very well. It will be good now that we have a lot of practices under our belt and that we will come back during the fall camp and that we will really know more. "

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