Michigan State Football releases new disgusting uniforms

David Hookstead | Journalist

Something is really wrong with the Michigan State football program.

The Spartans posted pictures of their new alternative uniforms on Twitter on Saturday, and they are downright disgusting.

I do not mean disgusting as in a trendy way that all kids say. I mean really disgusting and embarrassing for football fans around the world

Look at them below.

Here is an overview of my reaction to the awful Michigan State uniforms.

I thought that MSU was supposed to be a prominent Big Ten program. Did I forget a memo or something on the fact that it was no longer the case?

We are talking about university football. This is not a weird fashion show. Not at all. How can the Spartans players wear these items and come out of the field honestly with their heads held high. It does not make sense. (RELATED: Si Graham Mertz Start at Quarterback for the Wisconsin Badgers in 2019?)

I guess my expectations for excellence are simply greater than those in East Lansing. If the program is now a game apart, then it may be time for them to take a year off from the Big Ten game.

The conference is the pinnacle of success in the sport and there is no time for antics like these uniforms.

Something must be done!

I hope that MSU fans are as excited as me. I would be rioting if Wisconsin did that.

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