Michigan Wolverines Basketball: Beilein talks about his ejection … Izzo defends him


"It surprises me," Izzo told reporters on Friday. "I feel bad for him, to be honest with you. I think coaches need to know the officials and officials need to know the coaches. "

Beilein said he exchanged several calls and text messages with Rick Boyages, the associate commissioner of the league, to report on what had happened. He refused to say what the Commissioner had told him, but he clearly explained his point of view.

"It was fundamentally about understanding how things got out of control so quickly and why," Beilein said, noting that officiating training was just as important as coaching training.

"There will be missed calls, but if there are huge ones, they must be treated differently."

Beilein was judged two technical fouls within 10 seconds after apparently discussing what he thought was a mobile screen on Zavier Simpson that led to a PSU basket. The Wolverines led 40-27 at the break and Beilein had to watch the second half of the locker room.

"Probably a guy like John, if he complained, it was probably a good reason," Izzo said. "And generally, if there is a good reason for an official to take a little more than if there was no good reason … I should fight for John who has shown in the last 40 years that it was not his reaction … So … difficult situation.

"I do not know what impact it had on the game. Maybe the first (technical) was to put his team together, but not the second one. "

Beilein said he did not try to be excluded from the game, as some people implied.

"This was not a Hoosiers he said. It exploded so fast that it was all over before I could do anything about it.

"If I get a technique, I want to know why, and probably the Irish side of my mother gets me out a little bit. I try to avoid those who, like the plague, get a technique. I must be better than that. I must be better than the officials. I'm proud to do that, but it was not. "

Beilein said he did not expect it to happen again soon, noting that it had been thrown since 1981.

"I hope this will never happen again," said Beilein. "I do not think that will be the case. This should never happen again.

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