Microsoft adds a graphical mode to the Windows 10 calculator



In a new feature tracking publication for Microsoft's GitHub calculator project, Microsoft announced plans to add a graphics mode to the Windows 10 calculator.

Algebra is one of the essential components of mathematics. It consists of solving equations that use letters to represent unknown numbers. Solutions to these equations can then be plotted on a graph to illustrate their relationships.

According to Dave Grochocki, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft, Microsoft plans to add a graphical mode to the Windows 10 calculator to better help students who are learning to graph algebra.

"High school algebra is the gateway to mathematics and all other STEM disciplines, however, algebra is the most missed course in high school, as is the most failed course in community college ( Washington Post.) Graphics capabilities in their everyday tools are essential for students who are beginning to explore linear algebra as early as grade 8. Physical graphing calculators can be expensive, software solutions require licensing and configuration by School computer services and online solutions are not always an option.At the present time, the Windows calculator does not currently have the features necessary to meet the demands of students. "

The graphical mode is in its infancy, but a shared image on the GitHub project page indicates that users will be able to enter equations into the calculator and graph them.

Graphic mode to come
Graphic mode to come

Their ultimate goal is "Provide a great experience of the basic graphing calculator in the Windows Calculator", which offers the following features:

  • Users can enter an equation so that it can be viewed on the graph.
  • Users can enter multiple equations so that the parcels can be compared to each other and the interactions between the lines can be compared.
  • Users can modify the equations so that they can see how the changes affect the graph and correct the errors.
  • Users can change the graph display window to view different parts of the plot at different levels of detail.
  • Users can change the visual options of the line to clearly differentiate multiple parcels.
  • Users can export graphics so they can be shared with others or integrated with Office / Teams.
  • Users can easily manipulate secondary variables in equations to quickly understand how changes to equations affect the graph.
  • Users can see traceable key graph entities (KGF) as nodes / points on the equations, and call other KGFs in a list to better understand the important features of a given function.
  • Users can draw graphs to better understand the relationship between variables in the graph equation.

According to Howard Wolosky, senior software design engineer at Microsoft, Microsoft has been working on this feature for about a year and is considering incorporating a third-party graphics engine to render the graphics.

Comment by Howard Wolosky
Comment by Howard Wolosky

A draw request to incorporate this feature should appear in about a week on GitHub.

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