Microsoft (almost) gave a new life to Clippy


Microsoft has almost given new life to Clippy this week. The company has released a Clippy sticker pack for Microsoft teams, allowing users to share Clippy stickers during inter-team chats.

The sticker pack was released on GitHub, but it did not last too long. Even though Microsoft has officially released the sticker pack and as Clippy fans have started using the new sticker pack, Microsoft has subsequently removed the sticker pack.

The reason? Well, it's a little uncertain. According to The Verge, Microsoft's "brand police" was not a fan of Clippy when he returned, which resulted in the removal of the GitHub sticker pack. "Clippy has been trying to get back to work since 2001, and her brief appearance on GitHub was another attempt. While we appreciate these efforts, we do not intend to introduce Clippy to the teams, "said a spokesman for Microsoft.

The sticker pack was really fun, to be honest. There were some animated stickers and that seemed like a good way to celebrate Clippy. And frankly, it's sad to see Microsoft pull the sticker package (probably) because of some corporate nonsense. A petition signed by many Clippy fans asks Microsoft to pick up the Clippy sticker pack. It will be interesting to see if Microsoft will bring back Clippy again.

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