Microsoft begins to test an updated touch experience with the latest version of Windows 10


Microsoft today released a new version of Windows 10 and a new mode designed to facilitate the use of 2-in-1 devices. Bearing build number 18970, if you are a ring user fast, you can grab the bits now.

In this release, the company is testing a refined desktop look for 2 in 1 device users. The idea is to facilitate the use of touch-sensitive devices with Windows 10, an area that has regressed with the system from operating compared to Windows 8. To be clear, this does not replace the tablet's UI, it's a strange intermediate mode. for when a devicec is in tent mode.

Here are the changes to this version that make it easier to use on 2-in-1 hardware:

  • Increased spacing between the icons in the taskbar.
  • The search area of ​​the taskbar is reduced to an icon.
  • The file explorer switches to a layout optimized for touch
  • Tap the keyboard to invoke automatically when you tap text fields.

The ability to reset a PC from the cloud is also introduced with this version. This new option allows you to download Windows again when you need to reset your device, which is convenient for those times when you can not find the USB drive containing the Windows ISO that you lost a very long time ago .

Keep in mind that if you use the cloud restore option, all applications installed on your device will be removed.

Finally, the new Cortana experience is now available to all insiders, but before installing this version, be sure to check the known issues log.

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