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Microsoft brings its To-Do application on Mac – TechCrunch

In 2017, Microsft announced the closure of Wunderlist, a company acquired by the company, to continue the implementation of its own "to do" application. Since then, she launched To-Do, the application called, under Windows, iOS, Android and the Web, and extended its feature set. Today, this also brings the application on Mac.

The company announced this morning that its To-Do application is live on the Mac App Store, where it will immediately support most of the basic features, including the ability to create and manage tasks, to work offline, to share lists, use tags, etc. . It will also integrate with Microsoft Outlook to display your "flagged" email list and support integration with Planner so you can see all the items assigned to you.

The Mac version also takes advantage of its new platform to offer a handful of keyboard shortcuts, such as 2 to minimize the application so that it only displays the list view and ⌘1 to return to the display of all your lists. You can also click the text of a task to edit it directly from the List view.

It should be noted that Microsoft built this native Mac application using 100% AppKit, he says.

This month, at Apple's global developer conference, the company announced a new set of tools called Project Catalyst, which allows developers to bring their iPad applications to Mac by leveraging their code base. existing. More Mac applications are expected to be added to Apple's Mac App Store over time as it simplifies the process of maintaining multiple applications for various platforms. Twitter, for example, said Friday that he would rely on Project Catalyst to bring back his application on Mac.

Microsoft, however, has taken a different path.

The big question now is what today's news will mean for Wunderlist: an app that gets an almost perfect rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars on the Mac App Store and the 21st most free app popular in the Store Productivity category.

Since today's launch, Microsoft To-Do has seen an increase in downloads and outperformed its predecessor. He now claims the # 11 spot in the same category (at the time of writing).

Microsoft had previously vowed not to close Wunderlist until it would be convinced to have "incorporated the best of Wunderlist into To-Do". Some of the company's initial concerns were to add support for list sharing in To-Do and deploy it. support for all platforms – what Microsoft has now done with the launch of this Mac application.

As a result of this launch, we asked Microsoft to comment on its updated plans for Wunderlist.

"We are not currently working on new features for Wunderlist because we are focusing on our new application, Microsoft To-Do," said a spokesperson. "Once we are convinced that we have integrated the best of Wunderlist in Microsoft To-Do, we will remove Wunderlist," they added.

This is usually the same statement that the company made years ago; it does not add much clarity to the situation.

In the meantime, the new Mac version of To-Do is available for free download from the Mac App Store here.

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