Microsoft chief defends controversial military contract with HoloLens


The $ 479 million contract would provide HoloLens with assistance in developing a prototype augmented reality system for troops in training and combat. This would give visibility to the battlefield on the front lines and could help doctors collect essential health data and communicate with physicians. Microsoft and the military introduced HoloLens as a life-saving tool, but objectors claimed that this peaceful technology was transforming peaceful technology into a weapon similar to a game that dissociates soldiers from the reality of war.

This is not the first time that Microsoft workers have protested against its involvement in some government projects. Last year, he was targeted by people who discovered a message that his Azure cloud team was "proud" to support ICE. His answer has not been the same, however. While Nadella unambiguously defended the HoloLens contract, the company justified its involvement in ICE by pointing out that its technology was not used for the more controversial practices of the agency. He is not willing to give a full pass to the US government. He therefore does not believe that the particular use of HoloLens by the military is problematic.


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