Microsoft combines DirectX and PowerShell to prepare the native Xbox game on PC


A handful of Windows watchers and journalists such as Brad Sams, Rafael Rivera and NazmusLabs on Twitter seems to have come up with pretty incredible news for the community of players.

In a recent publication, Sams describes what Microsoft's latest update to DirectX represents for the future of the company's games. It seems that the company is preparing a complete migration of the installation of the Xbox One to Windows via the new PowerShell enhancements of Windows 10.

It boils down to a more native Xbox One gaming experience from a PC.

Microsoft's recent limited testing of Windows 10 Insiders Decrease Status 2 on versions 18334 and later provides insight into how the company plans to integrate native Xbox games on PCs.

When you download State of Decay, the quirks begin immediately. Instead of downloading from the Microsoft Store server,, where all the content comes from, including PlayAnywhere titles, the game is downloaded from

Instead of reinstating each Xbox feature on the PC one by one, Microsoft simply unloads all of the Xbox One installation / maintenance plumbing and makes it the main Windows installation.

When you install State of Decay, you get an inherited DX installation prompt that performs a typical non-sandbox based installation and not based on a DirectX dependency store in your system directory.

Along with the recent advent of the gaming application, it is becoming increasingly apparent that Microsoft is merging weeds deeply by merging the Xbox and Windows platforms into a single binary game developers can target.

Streamlining the delivery mechanisms of PC and console games seems to be an important part of the final game of the company to strengthen its audience. It can be argued that Microsoft lost this generation console war, but if the company successfully manipulates its recent consumer-centric focus, Sony's current hardware could win a Pyrrhic victory.

With all this preparatory work already done, it will be interesting to see what Microsoft will show at this year's E3 convention, as the company alone is in a position to further cultivate its combined PC and console game story.

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