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Microsoft finally has a Windows 10 19H1 built in the slow ring

After months of waiting, Microsoft has finally released a new version of Windows 10 Insider Preview for slow ringing. The build number is 18342.8.

19H1 is the code name of the next feature update for Windows 10 and the version number will be 1903. As this version number indicates, we should see a RTM version generated in March. far from being in the process of being finalized.

Windows 10 19H1 is in testing since last July, while it appeared in the "Skip Ahead" ring. He was promoted to the "Fast" ring in October. One of the reasons that there has been no Slow Ring release since all this time is that some games were at the origin of a GSOD and that Microsoft was waiting for the fix. from a third party developer. The fix still has not arrived because those who play the games – which Microsoft has not mentioned the names – will be prevented from updating this version. In addition, PCs using the ZH-CN language will not obtain it for a similar reason.

The good news is that it is available to all others. When the 18342 version was originally released on the Fast ring, a problem froze it from some Intel chipsets. The build has been processed, so this problem no longer applies.

As this is the first 19H1 model built in the Slow ring and as we approach the end of the development cycle, Slider Ring Insiders is about to have many features, such as the new light theme that offers a white taskbar. You can also run Win32 applications in Windows Mixed Reality and you will find that the search and Cortana have been split. Obviously, there is a lot more. You can find all the features in the notes of the versions you missed:

As always, there are also known problems to know:

  • [ADDED] Users may encounter intermittent crashes when attempting to use the Windows Sandbox feature in this release. A patch is available and will be released in a future update.
  • Launching games using anti-cheat software may trigger a bug check (GSOD).

  • Creative X-Fi sound cards do not work properly. We are working in partnership with Creative to solve this problem.

  • Although we have worked to improve the reliability of the night light in this version, we continue to study the problems in this space.

  • When you perform a reset of this PC and select Keep my files on a device that has reserved storage enabled, the user will need to initiate an additional restart to ensure that reserved storage is working properly again. .

  • Some Realtek SD card readers do not work properly. We study the problem.

  • In Windows Sandbox, if you try to access the Narrator settings, the Settings application crashes.

  • It is possible that the color of the mouse pointer is incorrectly blank after disconnection and reconnection.

  • We are studying information that the Chinese version of several games would not work.

To register your PC in the slow ring, go to Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Insider Program. If you are already registered, simply go to the Windows Update tab and click "Check for Updates".

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