Microsoft has resurrected Clippy, but it does not last long.


MICROSOFT RAISED and then wiped out the hopes of the tech community yesterday with one of the biggest provocations in history.

For years, all Windows red-blood users have been clamoring for Clippy's (or Clippit's name) return to show them the way forward in their dealings with Microsoft Office.

Last seen officially in 2001, it seemed that Satya had finally agreed to return her former post after being placed as a set of stickers for the Office 365 Teams Collaborative Tool.

The pack, designed in-house, has been released on GitHub as additional downloadable content to enlighten your message (or annoy the shit of your colleagues, depending on your point of view.

But as reported by The edgeClippy's prodigious return did not last long, as Microsoft halted the download the next day after an internal altercation about the branding.

According to the Word, the adorable paperclip does not match Microsoft's image in 2019, and what started out as a bit of fun has turned into a marketing service disaster.

"Clippy has been trying to get back to work since 2001 and his brief appearance on GitHub is a new attempt," said a spokesman for Microsoft.

Apparently, Microsoft does not want us all to remember the good old days of Times New Roman, Powerpoint presentations that were crashing and a version of Skype that actually works – Eyes focused on price, not slipping into the past glories.

Do not worry. If you are as furious as we are, there is still hope. A petition to bring Clippy and his sticker pack to Microsoft teams is already being created on the Office's comment boards.

"He really kept things together," commented a wag. μ

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