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Microsoft Integrates Telemetry into Windows 7 Security Updates

Microsoft Integrates Telemetry into Windows 7 Security Updates

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OH COME ON, Microsoft, not this shit again.

This month's patches patchwork has a surprise payload that pushes people to raise their eyebrows and grope, precursor to a possible moral outrage.

The so-called "security" patches also include something that should not be in a list of security patches: it adds some telemetry for Windows 7 users.

It's called Compatibility Estimator & # 39; and bears the code KB2952664. It is designed to check if your system is able to update to Windows 7.

We assume that it's pretty ok, but there are two issues at play here.

The first is the fact that Microsoft wrote a big song about how it had divided the updates on Windows 7 and its horrible little sister Windows 8.1 so that users can install only the bare necessities, which means only the security patches. Telemetry should be optional, according to the company's own reasoning.

The excuse is obvious: the failure of the Windows 7 update will pose a security risk if it is not done in the next six months before the end of the system's life. 39; operation.

The second is that anyone who remembers GWX and Updategate will remember that Microsoft's reputation for leaving users alone when a new product to peddle is, let's say, less than stellar.

Therefore, there is only one word to describe this sneaky addition: contempt. Microsoft has broken its own rules and flip-flops, suggesting to those tired eyes that there will be a return to contextual reminders explaining why you should upgrade ad nauseum for the next six months.

Technically, Microsoft will justify this change seven times by Sunday and we can not do anything about it. But again, we are reminded that any impression we have. the Windows-as-a-Service of the user is an illusion – Microsoft can and will continue to bend the rules as it pleases.

Pray that this will not become another Updategate. μ

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