Microsoft patent evokes Surface Pro redesigned with a thinner keyboard

Microsoft has filed a patent for an overhaul of Surface Surface Cover that would potentially thin it. Spotted by WindowsUnited, the patent includes details about cutting or etching the Surface Pro keyboard to create a thinner version. Microsoft also seems to explore the possibility of integrating the trackpad directly to the circuit used for the keyboard.

Previously, Microsoft was selling a Surface Pro Touch Cover, with a thinner profile and narrower structure keys, but the company has largely focused on improving its Surface keyboard in recent years. The keyboard has been slightly improved with minor improvements from Surface Pro 4 to Surface Pro 6, and older type covers still work on modern devices.

A thinner design for the keyboard would correspond to rumors that Microsoft will strongly review the design of its next Surface Pro. Sources close to Microsoft projects say The edge that the company is experimenting with models that include USB-C, thinner displays and a more rounded design like the Surface Go. Microsoft is expected to launch this new Surface Pro by the end of 2019.

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