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Microsoft releases a page from Google's book for SwiftKey

Microsoft introduces a major feature for SwiftKey on Android. The company is creating a search function directly in the keyboard, much like Google's Gboard.

The new search feature, powered by Bing, is not as powerful as Gboard. However, he takes a different approach to things here.

You can search everything on the keyboard and share the link directly in a conversation, for example. And it's pretty basic, of course. But this feature actually allows you to "crop" a web page – essentially allowing you to capture screen and crop a specific part of a webpage or search, and link it directly where you want .

The feature is much more limited than Gboard where you can search for items such as stickers, GIFs, emoticons and more. I guess this is just the first version of the SwiftKey search feature and it will probably grow over time, much like the Gboard maturation mode.

The feature film is only launched in 11 countries, starting with the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil , India, Italy and Spain. The feature is apparently "exclusive" to SwiftKey for Android, so if you use SwiftKey on your iPhone, you probably will not get it anytime soon.

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