Microsoft releases cumulative updates for older versions of Windows 10

Microsoft has released new Windows 10 updates today. Although we have already received Patch Tuesday updates this month, this is the second set of updates for Windows 10 devices today. It's more and more a trend for Microsoft to publish two different sets of patches each month instead of sticking to a single Patch Tuesday update, and this month is no different.

What is interesting, however, is that Microsoft has not released any new series of updates for the October 10, 2018, or version 1809 update. This of course is From the latest version of the operating system, considering the number of bugs it contains, I am pretty shocked to see no update for that today. I mean, Microsoft has managed to reissue the update to the public with a Bluetooth playback bug which exists since July of this year.

Anyway, you're here for updates, so here's a quick breakdown: version 1803 (updated April 2018) receives KB4467682, bringing the version number to 17134.441. The version 1709 or the update of Fall Creators receives the KB4467681, bringing the build number to 16299.820. The 1703 version, or the creators' update, receives the KB4467699, bringing the version number to 16073.1478. And finally, the birthday update or version 1607 receives KB4467684, bearing the build number at 14393.2639.

Most of these updates include bugfixes and security patches, so there is nothing more to see here. Check the full changelog, as there are some known issues with these updates.

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