Microsoft Releases Important App Update For Android Auto Users

Microsoft Teams adoption has exploded over the past nine months or so, and you can easily see for yourself why.

With most countries around the world forced to start working remotely, solutions like Microsoft Teams have proven to be useful for employees to stay in touch and be productive, even from the security of their homes.

Microsoft Teams adoption has improved in two months almost as much as it normally would in two years, according to Microsoft data, with the latest statistics showing a total of 115 million daily users on the service.

All of these have turned Microsoft Teams into a very popular app and since it comes with dedicated mobile clients for iPhone and Android, users can stay in touch with coworkers even on the go.

And recently, Microsoft Teams now supports Android Auto, according to a recent discovery, so that notifications you receive in the app are also displayed in the car. In other words, Microsoft Teams is now treated on Android Auto like any other messaging app like WhatsApp and Telegram, so you can just tap the notification to have Google Assistant read the content for you.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that this update will gradually roll out to users around the world, as not everyone sees Microsoft Teams on Android Auto. It’s not there for me either, despite running the latest version of the Android app on Android Auto 5.8 with my fully updated Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra.

But nonetheless, the launch of Microsoft Teams in the car is definitely good news, especially since it has become a must-have app. For now, only chats appear to be supported for notification support, but we’ve reached out to Microsoft to request more information and will post a follow-up story if the roadmap is shared.

Meanwhile, the most recent version of Microsoft Teams for Android devices is and was released in mid-November.

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