Microsoft Releases New Windows 10 Preview with Fluent, Time, Microphone and Search Enhancements


Microsoft today released a new preview of Windows 10 with enhancements for Fluent, Time, Microphone, Search, Windows Update and Mail & Calendar. This construction comes from branch 19H1, which will arrive in the first half of next year.

Windows 10 is developed as a service, which means that it regularly receives new features. Until now, Microsoft has released six major updates: November update, birthday update, creators update, fall creators update, update to day of April 2018 and update of October 2018.

Microsoft's Fluent Design visited the user and user menus of the Start menu and the Power menu of the login screen. If you look closely, you will notice the added icons.

Microsoft has added an option in the date and time settings to manually synchronize your clock with the time server. It also shows the date of the last time synchronization and the address of your current time server.

If you hover over the new microphone icon, the application that accesses your microphone is displayed. If several applications use your microphone, it will simply tell you the number. Double-click the icon to open the microphone privacy settings.

When you start a search, you'll now notice an updated landing page that offers more room for recent activity, light weight support, a touch of acrylic, and all of the search filter options. of pivots.

The improvement of Windows Update is minor. When your device has an update that requires a reboot, you will see the Windows Update icon with an orange indicator in the notification area (system tray) warning you to restart your device.

The latest Mail & Calendar application (version 11001.20106) makes it easy to keep track of your tasks in Microsoft To-Do – just switch directly to To-Do in the application's navigation. This update is not related to this version of Windows 10 – you should be able to find it in the Microsoft Store.

Bug fixes and known issues

This 19H1 release includes the following general bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Issue resolved: PDF files opened in Microsoft Edge do not display correctly (small instead of using all the space).
  • Fixed a problem causing scrolling of the mouse wheel in many UWP applications and XAML surfaces at an unexpected speed in recent versions.
  • Some updates to the taskbar help reduce the number of reruns of icons. This is especially noticeable when you interact with the trash, but also in other scenarios.
  • Antivirus applications must run as a protected process in order to register with Windows and appear in the Windows security application. If no audio-visual application is registered, Windows Defender Antivirus remains enabled.
  • Fixed a problem resulting in unexpected computer consumption by the system for extended periods when enumerating Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed a problem causing Cortana.Signals.dll to crash in the background.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Remote Desktop to display a black screen for some users. This same problem may also cause hangs on the remote desktop when using VPN.
  • Fixed a problem resulting in the possible display of network drivers mapped as unavailable when using the net use command and displaying a red X in the display. File Explorer.
  • Improved compatibility of Narrator with Chrome.
  • Improved performance of mouse mode centered on the magnifying glass.
  • Issue resolved: IME Pinyin still displayed English mode in the taskbar, even when typing in Chinese from the previous flight.
  • Fixed a problem resulting in the display of an unexpected "input method not available" in the languages ​​in the list of keyboards in Settings if you added the language via the language settings during flights Recent.
  • The new Japanese Japanese IME introduced with version 18272 has been replaced by the one supplied with the October 2018 update, because Microsoft takes into account the comments received.
  • Supports LEDBAT in uploads to Delivery Optimization peers on the same local network (behind the same NAT). Currently, LEDBAT is only used by Delivery Optimization for downloads to peers in the group or the Internet. This feature should avoid congestion on the local network and allow peer-to-peer download traffic to dissipate instantly when the network is used for higher priority traffic.

Today's update removes Windows 10 from version 18282 (made available to testers on November 14) to 18290

This version has 10 known issues:

  • The colors of the hyperlinks must be refined in dark mode in Sticky Notes if Insights is enabled.
  • The settings page crashes after changing the password or PIN of the account. We recommend using the CTRL + ALT + DELETE method to change the password.
  • Due to a merge conflict, dynamic lock activation / deactivation settings do not appear in the connection settings.
  • The settings get stuck when you click the "View storage usage on other drives" option under System> Storage.
  • The Windows Security application may display an unknown status for the Virus and Threat Protection Zone or may not refresh properly. This can occur after an upgrade, reboot, or parameter changes.
  • Deleting the previous version of Windows in Configure Storage Sense is not selectable.
  • The settings will crash when opening speech parameters.
  • Insiders can see green screens with a system service exception error in win32kbase.sys when they interact with certain games and applications.
  • There is an update block for this version in place for a small number of PCs that use Nuvoton TPM chips (NTC) with a specific firmware version ( due to a bug causing problems with the Windows Hello biometric login / PIN. .
  • If you install one of the recent versions of the fast ring and switch to the slow ring, the optional content such as developer mode activation will fail. You will need to stay in the Quick Ring to add / install / activate optional content. Indeed, the optional content installs only on approved versions for specific rings.

As always, do not install this on your production machine.


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