Microsoft releases the first test version of its Edge browser for Mac


The macOS preview includes changes to familiar fonts, menus, and keyboard shortcuts for Mac users. It also adds commands such as Web site shortcuts and tab switching via the touchbar, and works with the usual Mac touchpad gestures. Microsoft says it will continue to perfect the browser as it evolves in future releases. In a blog post, the company welcomes comments.

Similar to the Windows 10 test version, the Edge version for macOS Canary incorporates the key design features of Google Chrome: it relies on the same open-source Chromium database. The new browser is intended to better align with current web standards, which will enhance the average user experience and, if everything goes as Microsoft wishes, will appeal to developers, who have largely abandoned Edge to test pages in Chrome.

You can download the MacOS Canary version here, and Microsoft promises that a preview will be available soon for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

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