Microsoft Teams gets new digital signage feature in March


Microsoft is updating its Teams service with a new dynamic view in March. This new view allows Teams users to share content side-by-side with participants. It seems ideally placed for meetings where someone is presenting a slideshow or if attendees are watching a live event together.

Dynamic content like revenue reports, slideshows, or videos can be displayed alongside other stakeholders. Currently in Teams, the video feeds of other participants are tiny when people share the screen or present decks. Microsoft’s Gallery View for Teams will automatically optimize with this new view and allow attendees to customize the view.

It will also more clearly highlight active speakers, people who have virtually raised their hands, and allow attendees to pin people alongside dynamic content. Originally unveiled in July, this new dynamic view will be available to all Microsoft Teams users in March, according to Microsoft’s 365 product roadmap.

Microsoft Teams usage has skyrocketed in the last 10 months of the pandemic, with the service now being used by more than 115 million people every day. Microsoft added features to Teams on a monthly basis, with virtual meeting rooms appearing in December alongside an improved calling experience.

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