Microsoft will host next week the feed "ID @ Xbox Game Pass" Nindies


Nintendo was really on something

Just hours after Sony announced the release of the "State of the Game" stream, Microsoft announced today that it will host a new stream dedicated to independent gaming.[email protected] Game Pass. "It will debut on the Xbox YouTube channel at 9:00 am Paris time on March 26, 2019. It will feature many announcements alongside discussions with various developers of upcoming games. After the party, Bastards of the Void, and Shriek Supermarket, although non-advertised titles are present.

This feed is actually not a new field for Microsoft. The company has been hosting different "Inside Xbox" feeds for a few years now, but it is inspired by Nintendo to talk about smaller games from different independent developers. It's a bit funny to see how Nintendo led the way when it's generally out of touch with modern things. I imagine that the announcement of games on your own terms is too great an opportunity to let it go.

Ad [email protected] Game Pass, a showcase of independent games coming on the Xbox Game Pass [Xbox Wire]

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