Microsoft's growing relationship with Nintendo and how Cuphead on Switch has become


Nintendo and Microsoft have become pretty pals lately – to allow crossplay in Minecraft at rumors about various Xbox software and exclusive features heading towards the switch. Despite the heavy salt generated by this latest statement, this week's Nindies Showcase has undermined the rumor that was fading away with the news that Cuphead would be on the Nintendo Switch next month.

Yet how did this seemingly unlikely feat materialize? Our friends at Game Informer has the scoop inside at GDC 2019, although the answer is much simpler than you imagined. According to Jared Moldenhauer, co-creator of Cuphead, and Kirk Scott, responsible for publisher-developer relations at Nintendo, the collaboration "is simply produced."

Although it is not known which company went first, Scott's negotiations indicate that the negotiations were organic, implying that both parties were involved from the beginning. The two certainly have their motivations: Nintendo wants to get the best possible content on its platform and the desire of Microsoft to push the game on several devices and extend the reach of its Game Pass service to any device with 39, a screen.

Although more insightful, Moldenhauer's experience in this area is by far the most intriguing. This is the idea that the industry is simply more pro-independent. By offering more scope and removing barriers, independent developers have a better chance of discovery.

You can read the complete interview on Game Informer, where Moldenhauer announces the integration of Xbox Live and the possibility that Easter eggs inspired by Nintendo make the cut.

Written by Matthew Weidner

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