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Previously, Anthem The developer BioWare explained how the microtransactions of the game would work by revealing fragments of premium currency in the game. It should be emphasized that these fragments can not be used to buy anything that gives a player a distinct advantage over to another or to booty boxes, but rather to buy cosmetics such as Javelin skins, materials and emoticons.

Until now, BioWare has not deepened the issue with Anthem, as many players hesitate when we talk about microtransaction and maybe rightly so. Microtransactions, when they are poorly done, can be predatory and turn a game into a pariah within one's own community. That said, this does not seem to be the case, as the initial price for the purchase of Shards is much lower than that of other games containing only microtransaction, sold only for cosmetic purposes.

The purchase of 500 fragments, for example, translates into $ 4.99 in real money (although some discounts can reduce this price). The largest number of shrapnel that a player can buy seems to be 4,600 fragments of $ 39.99. For context, the game of premium currency V-Bucks in the game Royal Battle Fortnite can be purchased with increases of up to US $ 100, and Destiny 2 The money rises to $ 50, making it look less steep than a free game and slightly less than a game comparable to $ 60 and up.

price of anthemic microtransactions

Although these prices seem to be on the best side of the competition, it should be mentioned that the power of buying these fragments is to be taken into account. As seen on the screen since the game Anthem Shop below, prices range from 300 to 400 Shards for emotes and materials to 850 Shards for a full armor pack, the rarity of items may have an influence on these prices. It also means that players will have residual fragments after many purchases because they are purchased in increments of 500/1050 and the items cost 300/850.

hymn in the price of the game shop

It remains to be seen whether the pricing of Shards or cosmetics at stake becomes controversial, but it is nice to see that Anthem stands by the only cosmetic approach. It should be noted that this will not be everyone's delight, as many do not believe that microtransactions should not exist in a $ 60 game. That said, the DLC based on free stories will be funded in the game via these microtransactions, so time will tell if this microtransaction model is effective.

AnthemThe full version is February 22, 2019 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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