Microtransactions of the Anthem: All You Need to Know


An overview of all the microtransactions currently available in the Anthem cosmetics store.

By Destin Legarie

The first week of microtransactions is currently available in Anthem, and if you do not want to win them for free, they will cost you US $ 30. They can be earned at stake if you prefer not to pay to buy them, but here is what you can get today:

  • 61,000 Pieces or 850 Fragments – Epic Guardian Armor Pack for Ranger
  • 61,000 Coins Or 850 Fragments – Pack Of Epic Dreadnought Leather Armor For The Colossus
  • 18,000 pieces or 400 pieces – Epic gum entry animation on shoe for the colossus
  • 12,000 Coins or 300 Fragments – Uncommon Graphic: Vinyl Midnight Shield
  • 12,000 Pieces or 300 Fragments – Rare Metal: Diamond Plate Texture
  • 12,000 Pieces or 300 Fragments – Rare Fabric: Canvas Honeycomb Texture

Although none of this seems too worrying because all of this can be gained, the store's craft sheet has me a little more worried as it gave me the impression of buying, but Mike Gamble of BioWare has confirmed to IGN that these can only be earned by coins. you win in game or by finding it in the wild. The community also pointed out that there remained a type of equipment and legendary equipment that could be added at one point – we contacted EA and BioWare for comments.

Separately, the Dawn Legion items, unlocked by following Prospero's tutorial and first mission, give you an advantage at the beginning of the game, but since there is only level 18 hardware and the maximum level is 30, you will replace it earlier in the progression.

So, to break down, how much can you spend in anthem today? About $ 30 and you'll unlock everything in the store at the moment. The store is updated on February 22, so we will report if something changes. If you choose to spend money, the best value is the $ 39.99 pack, as you will receive about $ 6 worth of free fragments, but do not forget that you will earn a lot of money. 39 money from the start, including the 40,000 coins you will receive at the beginning for free. We are still evaluating the economy of the currency, but once the main campaign and secondary items have been completed, we have won about 120,000 coins, of which 40,000 coins were distributed to all players at launch. Without a story to go through, time will tell if it is repeatable week after week or there are other ways to easily earn free funds.

For all the rest Anthem, check out our level unlock guide and location of all cortex element locations in Fort Tarsis.

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