Mid-season finale of This This Us brings major revelations

With its fall finale, the popular drama has provided many answers to burning questions – namely the sex of Toby and Kate's baby (a boy) and the identity of "she" (Rebecca) – but he also left fans with an OMG chew moment until spring returns: Nicky, Jack's younger brother, is most likely living.

In the final minutes of the episode, Kevin learns that his uncle did not die in Vietnam, as his family believed. At that time, he was shown to the hearing a man later identified by a courier as being "Nicholas Pearson", a resident of Bradford, Pennsylvania.

    Michael Angarano as Nicky
The revelation was enough to overshadow what had been built to become a great mystery of the seat: the identity of "she". In the end, the answer was a soft plop instead of a thump, largely overshadowed by the fact that the Pearson family might have another errant member.

A segment of viewers will also spend the show 's break to question the status of Beth and Randall' s wedding. At the end of the episode, the two men clashed as a result of Randall's decision to continue his long-shot campaign, despite Beth's now asserted opposition. A lightning into the future has done nothing to reassure the public, fearing that the fracture is a point of critical division for both, but time will tell.

If that was not enough to chew up in the spring, Tess also contacted her parents and Deja asked permission to go see her mother in Delaware.

Family drama in abundance. This is, of course, classic "This Is Us".

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