Midnight Mania! McGregor advances with a message of unity: "It's a world and one for all"


Welcome to Midnight Mania!

Over the last two days, McGregor has been mocking his quarrel online and has made fun of Khabib's wife and his traditional attire, Khabib has called Conor a rapist. The Khabib official tweeted that McGregor did not realize he was insulting 1.5 billion Muslims. Conor finally deleted many of his previous tweets and posted this unit message instead, perhaps after Dana White and Company stepped in to try to reapply something that resembles the code of conduct from the UFC through the back channels.

I want to move forward, with my fans of all religions and all walks of life.

All denominations challenge us to be our best selves.

It's a world and one for all

We see ourselves now in the octagon.

Whether it is primarily a public relations approach or a real recognition that many of his comments have crossed certain boundaries, McGregor's message for unity between them can be understood. He ended up with 'see you in the Octagon', which makes one wonder why he has bothered to announce his retirement if he continues to fight for fights like this one. It might as well be Michael Scott shouting "I declare bankruptcy" for all that it means.

It should also be noted that Khabib's tweet, alleging that Conor is a rapist – based on very real allegations of sexual assault against the Irish star – has yet to be released.


Garry Tonon himself commented and solved the mystery: it was the back of his cup.

Max Holloway remembers being a scared young boy who fought Dustin Poirier in his UFC debut. It's fascinating to know which fighters are growing up to be great and the equally talented fighters do not. Both Poirier and Holloway have exceeded all expectations to overcome the challenges of their careers.

Tony Ferguson posted a self-assertion. Hope that he succeeds well.

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Field Shit Only They said I could not do it, but I'm stubborn. Twoweight World Champion Light Weight Champion @ufc "The Ultimate Fighter" NCWA Middleweight Champion The NCWA National Individual Wrestling Champion The NCWA National Champions Wrestling Champions of the MHSAA football federation Athletes accomplished and play with courage to succeed any thing ". A good training and a good understanding of the "game" are the means by which they find a way. Real athletes know how to bounce back. They fall, take the blame, … dust off and find themselves in the game for the same reason they started, Glory. On the ground, on the carpet, no matter where it is. #TUFguys know. Keep the track and look for Victory, ladies and gentlemen. Find a way and keep faith. Play Hard or Go Home -XTA- Hometeam 'Merica does not have to be an athlete to be a champion, all you need to do is believe and reach

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I must unfortunately report that Sage Northcutt has turned to violence.

This was posted by a parody account, but it's still pretty funny to imagine anyway.

When I saw him, I winced

Incredible rhythm

This sequence of Johnny Walker's pictures is a physical comedy

The retired UFC fighter, Brad Pickett, is killing him in boxing naked.

Random earth

I have nothing for tonight except to watch 'The Legend of Cocaine Island' on Netflix. I feel that everyone would appreciate it.

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