Midtown Metro escalators tear in rush hour


Passersby from Midtown Subway Station were seconds away from potential injuries when the top steps of an escalator were shredded during rush hour, leaving a passenger "shaking"

The mutilated escalator at 5th Ave / 53rd St.
The mutilated escalator at 5th Ave / 53rd St.Twitter / @ Lolitapop9

"Still shaking. I heard a loud noise as I climbed the escalator to 5thAv / 53rd St and saw it right in front of me. Could have shred someone's foot, " wrote a Twitter user @ lolitapop9.

The incident occurred shortly after 9 am near Madison Avenue and entrances to 53rd Street East and South. The riders ended up with only one escalator or with the possibility of taking the stairs.

"@MTA @NYCTSubway, you play with the safety of people!" Added the user.

The subway system responded to the tweet about 20 minutes later and sent four MTA employees to the station.

Other Twitter users have reacted quickly, calling the last episode of Metro "terrifying" and "scary".

"The steps got stuck with the comb plate. If someone got caught by the foot, it could have been hurt, but that did not happen, thank God, "said an MTA employee at the subway station. "We will try to fix it at night. It will be for the afternoon. "

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