Mike Colter will play in the movie "Evil" of CBS Drama Pilot

Former Luke Cage American star Mike Colter plays male lead alongside Katja Herbers in CBS pilot film Wrong, to meet with the network, The good woman creators Robert and Michelle King and CBS TV Studios.

Written and produced by kings, Wrong is a series about the battle between science and religion. He is interested in Kristen Benoist (Herbers), a skeptical clinical psychologist who joins David Dacosta (Colter), a Catholic priest in training and a blue-collar entrepreneur when they investigate to see if there is an explanation scientific or if something really supernatural is at work.

Colter's Dacosta is instructed by the Church to evaluate unexplained phenomena to see if there is a supernatural or scientific explanation.

The Kings executive product Wrong with Liz Glotzer, President of King Size Prods.

Before playing Luke Cage's main character in the two-season Netflix Marvel series, Colter was part of Kings' drama, CBS. The good woman, Chicago drug lord Lemond Bishop plays one of the most popular recurring characters in the series. He also took over the character on the record of kings. The good fight spinoff for CBS All Access. Colter is currently shooting Deon Taylor's Black and blue for Screen Gems and will be seen later this year in the features Breakthrough in front of Chrissy Metz, Fatal with Hillary Swank, Skin and Before you know it. Colter is reappointed by WME, Silver Lining Entertainment and Attorney Scott Whitehead.

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