Mike Moustakas could play second base for brewers


When word of Mike Moustakas'The imminent return to the Brewers has come to an end, the most common assumption being that the Milwaukee organization would use the same defensive lineup as in 2019: Travis Shaw moving towards the second goal and Moustakas dealing the third goal. However, Tom Haudricourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel tweets Brewers will use Spring Training to determine if Moustakas can handle the second base. If the team is satisfied with what she sees, Moustakas will be the second leading goal, with Shaw remaining on third base.

The arrangement is probably not the one that many expect, but it has the potential to be the best of their options. After all, Shaw has had some very good defensive marks since coming to Milwaukee, recording 22 recorded defensive innings and a +3.5 in the final zone in recent seasons. Moustakas, meanwhile, has been average or slightly better during most of the past four seasons (his year back after surgery to repair an ACL tear is an understandable exception).

If Moustakas is able to play even skillfully at second base, the Brewers could enjoy the advantage of keeping a more defender in a very hot corner. Of course, if the experience does not pay dividends, you'll have to wonder why the Brewers did not just buy a truer option for second base. The market certainly had – and still has – alternatives. Marwin Gonzalez, Josh Harrison and Logan Forsythe are among the players currently available, and it is worth noting that the Brewers were apparently willing to pay more to play Moustakas out of position than they would have had to pay to sign Brian Dozierwho went to nationals for one year and $ 9 million.

Of course, Moustakas, 30, is in his fourth consecutive season of above-average offensive work, thanks to his consistent power that offsets numbers less than some on the base. And the Brewers know what they will do after seeing Moustakas closely in 2018. Anyway, it will be fascinating to see how the experiment will unfold.

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