Mike Trout lifted the red flag about freedom of play, and Nationals players became acquainted

WASHINGTON – Mike Trout was everywhere, especially for the star of the game supposedly difficult to market.

Anaheim announced Sunday that the official extension of Trout was $ 426.5 million over 12 years. Trout was at the center of a major press conference in California, broadcast on the MLB network, meeting the expectations of someone who signed the biggest contract in the history of American sport.

Trout made an eloquent remark at each stop: he noted seeing Manny Machado and Bryce Harper cross last winter as free agents. He then spoke to both. Conversations and visual elements led him to describe their situation as a "red flag" when he thought of free will.

This term, on the part of this player, is a hit, despite the weight of its current expansion and the strikes that others have suffered around the league. It remains in effect even after Harper sets a record with a new contract that was summarily crushed three weeks later by Trout. He also turned heads when he was read to the clubhouse players before the Nationals played against the New York Yankees Monday in the last spring training game.

"For me, that's the red flag," said Sean Doolittle at NBC Sports Washington. "We're not talking about a veteran, you know … we're talking about the face of our sport. He does not want to go through the independent agency process in the same way as men in recent years, for example, though he did not think the process could be beneficial to him and that He could recognize all his value in the free market, really tell you everything you need to know, right? "

The free agency, once Max Scherzer called the Golden Egg players, rotated. The players have already protested against the veteran player who has remained unemployed. The teams stopped paying players over 30 for their past performance, learning both a more efficient way to manage their team and a more financially viable solution. Younger players – players unproven in the eyes of many great leaders – received jobs based more on market forces and perceived value than on real value. The process has classified those who are already in a clubhouse.

"It's not a player affair," Ryan Zimmerman told NBC Sports Washington. "It's the evaluation or the way they use it to say that it's going to change their organization. I always said that young people have to play and play. I understood. But all I'm doing is not hiring legitimate players in the league, who know what they're going to do at league level, because you have the best farm system in the league, two of those kids could to be something. The other eight you will never hear about once they leave Baseball America. I just think that the percentage of people who become very big leagues is not very high and they hold very high value. "

This part of the debate is in decline. What the free agency has become is at the forefront. The recent series of extensions suggested that players realize that the best way forward under this collective agreement was to stay. The tragic fate of Craig Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel – who remain unemployed a few days before the start of the season – shows that this assumption is correct.

"[I do] recognize that the process of the free agent has changed, "said Scherzer. "Teams that are used to coveting players, big players and being aggressive trying to bet on them – do not feel like they are. That's what I'm going to say. "

Doolittle continued to understand how the idea was related to Trout. When he came into free agency, what could be the possible shock on him?

It's not a field skill. This is not his way of interacting with fans. This is not his way of driving off the field.

"It would have been really fun to see him go through the free trade process," said Doolittle.

Instead of knowing it, Trout decided to take a life contract to stay in Anaheim. The transportation of funds was enormous. The terms record-setting. The process? Not so good.

"We have to make some adjustments to the system," said Doolittle. "Because yes, it's good that Manny and Bryce have these offers. It's a pity it took so long. I think it's very disturbing and very remarkable. The face of the game, one of the best players in the game's history, did not want to have to go through that because of the way it was going. "


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