Mike Vick to Lamar Jackson: "Proceed with caution"

The man who personified the practicing quarterback for a generation has some tips to give to the star rookie who looks like the next big caller.

Mike Vick, who has long supported Lamar Jackson, warned the Baltimore Ravens rookie to "proceed with caution" by taking as many hits.

"With the quarterbacks, we are not used to being touched all the time," Vick told ESPN's Jamison Hensley on Tuesday. "When you do it, it can put you in the game or it can shake you up a bit, it's not like a guy sitting in the pocket, you run the risk of hurting yourself, I'm not saying that. should dissuade Lamar or scare him, I'm just saying you have to proceed with caution. "

Jackson ran 37 times for 190 yards and one touchdown in the first two starts of his career. During the season, the quarterback has 65 pass attempts for 329 yards and two goals – already 34 more than Vick has made his rookie season in Atlanta.

The Ravens headed for Jackson on his first start, calling his number 26 times on the ground. In his second game, that number was reduced to 11 attempts as Baltimore consciously attempted to develop the pass attack.

Vick, who holds the NFL record of 6,109 yards per quarter, has never been in the game more than 15 times and has two digits in 25 of his 143 career games. The former QB, however, said the successes of 837 career rushes have been completed.

"Later in my career, I felt it more," Vick said. "It took longer for my legs to come in. Six thousand meters is a lot, but I'm at the record books."

The key to Jackson and the Ravens will be to mitigate the big hits. As Cam Newton repeatedly repeated in defense of his ability to run, some of the biggest hits of a QB arrive in the pocket, not on the run. However, Jackson does not have the frame that owns Newton and the hits could have a heavier impact.

Some callers have an amazing ability to avoid taking huge shots. Russell Wilson is the preeminent player in this regard. He always seems to want to get out of the deal before the defender can hit hard. Robert Griffin III, Jackson's replacement for the past two weeks, may have been the other way around. RGIII could not avoid the shots and slipped worse than a small 7-year-old.

Vick, who is now the offensive coordinator of Atlanta Legends of the American Football Alliance, played under Jackson's offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and quarterback coach James Urban in Philadelphia in 2010. – the last season of Vick Pro Bowl.

"I know it's in good hands," said Vick, who is now a television analyst for FOX. "He's very lucky to get it at a young age as a rookie."

As Jackson is about to make his third start of the season, it will be extremely intriguing to see how the Ravens team are changing the attack of an ever-growing passer, with a dynamic ability to throw the ball that will change the deal.

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