Miley Cyrus spoke for the first time since she was fumbled and forcibly kissed by a fan in Spain.

Miley Cyrus came in as a demolition ball sure Twitter with his last picture.

The 26-year-old singer / actress exhibited her bikini body in a black and tiny swimsuit while she was carelessly sitting on a carriage in front of sun-drenched windows. She matched her summer outfit with matching black sunglasses and a messy ponytail.

"Stay relaxed," she subtitled on Tuesday.

But Twitter was anything but cool. Cyrus's photo has received more than 176,000 "likes" and thousands of "retweets" and comments from his fans.

"This is what a queen looks like", a person tweeted, while another added: "To be the muse of Liam must be the little girl of life! He is too lucky!"

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The snapshot comes a week after Cyrus dropped his video on NSFW to his new single "Mother's Daughter". In the video, the star wears a red latex jumpsuit while hinting at the challenge and determination.

New music: Miley Cyrus drops the NSFW video in "Mother's Daughter" and loses the feminist visuals

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