Turbulence can shake the most seasoned travelers, but airlines and experts do everything to avoid it. Sean Dowling of Buzz60 has more.

Miley Cyrus was traveling with her family, her management team and her group for a flight to the UK last month to perform at the Glastonbury Festival, when their plane delayed the landing – twice – when seemingly frenetic maneuvers.

Cyrus' sister, Brandi Cyrus, recounted the group's experience during the flight on her Your Favorite Thing podcast, which she co-stars with the star of "The Bachelorette", Wells Adams.

"I'm in the plane with my mother, my sister and all the management team of her sister and her group.We come down and the wheels are out and it's a bit bumpy," he said. said Brandi Cyrus on the podcast.

"Coming out of nowhere, as we land, we go up at full speed and spin like a bank, which seems crazy to us." Our plane tried to land twice and had to go back up because there had been a flight. other planes on our way, "she continued.

Brandi did not specify whether the experiment was in a private plane or with a commercial airline.

Miley Cyrus performs on the last day of the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm in Somerset, England. (Photo: Joel C Ryan, Invision via AP)

According to his story, Miley; their mother, Tish Cyrus; and Miley's director, Adam Leber, are nervous drivers and the three started to "lose their heads".

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Brandi described Miley as being on her lap and "no one told us what was going on".

She added, "Five minutes have passed and we have clearly recovered and they finally came back and told us:" Do not panic, but someone was in our way in the sky and we were hitting them. & # 39; It's terrifying to think 400 miles to the hour and that a plane is in our hallway. "

Brandi said the same thing happened after 10 minutes of circle.

"My mother starts crying and goes away," If we die, Noah (their brother) is alone "and in panic, I try to do it for everyone."

The flight attendants tried to reassure the cabin that this was happening because "it's so busy because of the festival," according to Brandi.

Cyrus participated in the four-day festival, where she performed covers of songs by Metallica, Led Zeppelin and Amy Winehouse, among other occasions, and her own music on June 30.

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