Millennial, earning $ 25,000 a month, gets "viral money"

She thought of having it in the bag.

A 22-year-old e-commerce entrepreneur earns $ 25,000 a month, but fears spending her income just for a living: handbags.

"I daily transfer money from my checking account to my savings account, I never feel too keen and I accidentally buy a Chanel bag," reports the designer of millennial handbags and l 39; Instagram influencer in an absolutely boastful "Diary" for Refinery29.

The anonymous author, whose product is made in China, prefers to buy discounted bags – as her biggest purchase of the week, a $ 707 "already loved" bag she calls "stolen" because the bag usually sells for a whopping $ 1,900.

That makes her $ 95 "dolphin trip", which she will later write about buying for her and her boyfriend's upcoming cruise, seems rather frugal.

While the chance of sharing the booty of his juvenile success should have seemed like a fabulous idea, the money memoirist has received a lot of negative reactions online, just as Refinery29 for his continued focus on high-income individuals in his Money Diaries series.

"Do not cast a shadow but read R29, it's 2018 + the moment the 1% is over", Vanessa Gatlin shared on Twitter.

"I wanted to stab my eyes with my $ 1.50 ball pen reading this," another unimpressed reader tweeted.

The fact that this young woman has a bizarre relationship with her reported annual income of $ 604,800 is revealed early in a daily account of her expenses. Although she begins her week with a relatively thrifty Sunday, during which her boyfriend takes care of most of the expenses, she lost more than $ 200 Monday, which is significantly higher than the vitamins ordered by Amazon to be shipped to his foreign parents.

She is generous. Find?

Yet, while she is ready to spend $ 7.53 for Uber with Duane Reade and pick up $ 12 worth of sweets on Monday, she decides not to buy a $ 6 house on Thursday because she does not do ballerina .

At the end of the week she paid $ 1,732 – mostly for clothes and beauty treatments. Maybe his idea of ​​moving to Miami to save tax is not so bad.

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