Minnesota Twins 6, Detroit Tigers 0: Offense and Odorizzi 1-hitter


How is smokin 'the Twins offensive right now? Twice, with the bases loaded and one on the outside, they would not succeed in getting a shot. It does not matter Six races are enough when Jake Odorizzi does not allow any. (One could be, in truth, but it's better.)

The two LOBs were rather strange, actually. In the fourth inning, Jorge Polanco loaded the bases and scored a double on the left field line, which should have erased the basics. Arriving in second place, Max Kepler fell on Harold Castro, the Tigers second baseman, who slowed him down and the interference was not called. Nelson Cruz walked and Eddie Rosario scored a 3-2-3 win.

The sixth house would come home with this frightening collision at first base. Marwin Gonzalez hit a rebound that bounced on Detroit starter Tyson Ross. Ross caught him, tossed high, and former twin Niko Goodrum jumped to try to catch him. Goodrum's knee and foot collided with Gonzalez's face; both players should leave the game. Gonzalez had a "contusion in the face", which is a medical treatment for "a bad blue". It is day to day. Mitch Garver, Byron Buxton and Polanco then went for walks, so Minnesota at least got a setback.

How is smokin 'Odorizzi right now? Like Do-Hyong Park it is notedSince April 22, there has been no other occasion. Certainly, Detroit lost last place in the series by scoring, but seven innings pitched with a single shot and no walk are quite impressive.

Several fun highlights in this one. Garver caressed his eighth dong of the season in the second deck. Kepler bounced his eighth loot from the flower pots in a sleeve later. But the best goes to Buxton for this catch you see above. Not only did he record the exit, but he also managed to stand up. I think it will be better this year to jump into the walls without getting sick.

Comments from the group of players go to Asthix for pointing out that Odorizzi had allowed only five more hits all season, and Badger's observation that "Kepler must hate potted plants; he has just killed a few. »Call of the robot:

Makeup for the rain tomorrow, so there will be matches at 13:10 and 19:10. Martin Perez is on the paternity list and Kohl Stewart takes his place. The Twins will always be able to add a 26th man to the double head. See you soon, and thank you to everyone who joined us for this one!

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