Minnesota Vikings Power Rankings Roundup: Week 12


It's time again for us to take a look around the internet and see where the experts placed our favorite football team in the wake of another victory. This week, the Minnesota Vikings have just won Sunday night a 24-17 win over the Green Bay Packers, strengthening their position in the post-season race and keeping themselves at a distance from the Chicago Bears screaming in the North NFC.

At this point of the season, the ranking in the Power Rankings consists almost as much in team losses over you as in victory. There are many teams that are rooted in the top of the league at this stage, and if all the teams ahead of you are victorious. . . Well, chances are you will not progress. Will this be the case with the Vikings this week?

Let's find out, in this week's Power Rankings Roundup!

Associated Press: # 9 (Last Week: # 10)

No specific comments from the AP Vikings this week.

Walter Cherepinsky, Walter Football: # 12 (Last Week: # 13)

Second verse, identical to the first.

SB Country: # 11 (Last week: # 13)

No comments specific to the Vikings of the mothership this week.

MMQB, Sports Illustrated: # 7 (Last Week: # 7)

The Vikings have almost won a match against the Packers. Now all they have to do is go to New England and Seattle two weeks in a row. But if they can only win one of these games, they will be ready to claim a place for JFC cards. Their fans do not give up the division, but it would be a very good result at this point of the season.

Bleacher Report: # 9 (Last Week: # 9)

After being beaten by the Chicago Bears in Week 11, the Minnesota Vikings were at a crossroads before Sunday's clash with the Packers. The winner would stay on course to secure a place as a wild player. The loser would face a steep climb to get back into the race.

Kirk Cousins ​​and the Vikings responded to the call. The Cousins ​​had a great game, scoring 342 yards and three goals while surpassing Aaron Rodgers. As has been the case all season, Adam Thielen had a big night, winning eight passes for 125 yards and a score.

Minnesota's biggest offensive problem, the ground game, scored just 91 yards in 29 races. Cousins ​​was able to overcome this gap during the 12th week, but the Vikings must continue to look for more balance.

Things will not get any easier from here, as the next two weeks will include road trips to Gillette Stadium to face the Patriots and CenturyLink Field against the Seahawks.

Frank Schwab, Yahoo! Sports: # 9 (Last week: # 10)

Kirk Cousins ​​has the highest end-of-career percentage and, by three tenths of a point, his best pass mark. He is about to blow by his career in touch. And – this will surprise many people – he has the lowest percentage of interceptions in his career. He was on fire Sunday night against the Packers. The cousins ​​did not play well in a huge game against the Chicago Bears two weeks ago, but otherwise, that's what the Vikings paid off. It's hard to blame him that the Vikings have already lost four times, even though many people will do it anyway.

Elliot Harrison, NFL.com: # 9 (Last Week: # 10)

At 6-4-1, the Vikings are in an excellent position to grab a wild place in the NFC. That's not to say that NFC North is out of the question. Still, with three of their next four games on the road, including New England in Week 13 and Seattle in Week 14, defeating the 8-3 Bears will be a feat. lonnnnng market. Note that Chicago, host of Minnesota, will participate in the 17th week of the week, which could be crucial if the group of Matt Nagy had to stumble. Regarding the win on Sunday night, the Packers will think twice – or 20 times – the blitz Kirk Cousins ​​(29 of 38, 342 yards, three touchdowns, 129.5 smugglers) still too much.

Vinnie Iyer, Sporting News: # 9 (Last week: # 10)

The Vikings finished Sunday night what they could not do in the division Sunday night before. Repetition in the North seems like a long shot, and the wild card is always a battle with trips to New England and Seattle.

Pete Prisco, CBS Sports: # 10 (Last Week: # 11)

The defense begins to look like the unity we expected to see. Xavier Rhodes' injury hurts.

USA Today: # 9 (Last week: # 9)

My favorite piece of the weekend was G Mike Remmers, taking the phrase "human turnstile" to a totally unknown level. Uh, sorry, Kirk ?? !!

Mike Florio, Football Professional Talk: # 10 (Last Week: # 10)

With tough tests on the road in New England and Seattle, the Vikings may have to win their last three games (Dolphins, Lions, Bears) to qualify for the playoffs.

ESPN: # 9 (Last week: # 9)

Most difficult game left: Week 14 in Seattle. The Seahawks are currently gaining momentum in the NFC playoff picture and will be chasing the Vikings for one of the two replacement spots. Russell Wilson performs at an elite level and is always a nightmare to contain. Fortunately Minnesota was so successful with four linemen, because Wilson was very effective against the defenses who sent an extra defender with a 13-0 touchdown ratio and interception against the blitz this season. In addition to the staff they will have to plan, the Vikings will be traveling from one corner of the country to the other two weeks after facing the Patriots on the road in the 13th week.

Well, none of the twelve outlets we use to establish our ranking each week has allowed the Vikings to go down, which was very nice of them. This week, we had an almost equal mix of experts holding the Vikings steady versus those who chose to advance them. Seven of the twelve rankings somewhat shaken the Vikings, six of them placing them only one place (SB Nation propelled them two). The other five kept the Vikings where they were the week before.

On average, the Vikings gained half a position this week compared to the 11th week. The average of the following week was 10.08, while this week's average is 9.42. Overall, this keeps the Vikings among the top ten.

Here's the trend chart, updated with this week's leaderboard, which you can click to click.

It's your record of power rankings for this week, my friends. If the Vikings can win a victory next Sunday against the New England Patriots. . one of the teams that rank universally in front of them. . We should see a significant increase in this ranking at the same time next week. Hopefully we can understand how important this jump would be.


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