Miranda Lambert and the new husband go from the front with the commuter wedding


Miranda Lambert

Wades in a commuter wedding

… between TN and NY

19/02/2019 00:20 PST


Miranda LambertHer new husband does not let his life in New York go to Nashville – quite the contrary, she will go to him and vice versa.

Sources close to the newly married couple told us, Miranda and Brendan McLoughlin will share their time between Nashville and New York – come and go regularly. She has a vast 400-acre estate in Tennessee, where her music career is based, and he's a NYPD cop.

Considering that Brendan has a 9-5 gig on strength, it seems like she will take the heavens more often than he does. However, we are told that this travel arrangement will probably only last for about a year. We are told that Brendan intends to work at least as long and that he will reevaluate thereafter. BTW … he has just been promoted to the rank of sergeant.

Brendan also has a new package of joy to consider. Our sources tell us that he recently welcomed a child from a previous relationship last November, about the time he met Miranda. They were presented for the first time on November 2nd when he appeared in "GMA".

We are told that Brendan was single when he had with Miranda. Her mother, her baby, learned that she was pregnant after they broke up. There was therefore no overlap. At the moment, we are told that he has a 50/50 custody.

Miranda told him secret wedding last weekend, saying that she had met the love of her life. They knotted the knot at the end of last month.

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