Missouri's last abortion clinic may remain open – at the moment


Judge Michael Stelzer's ruling on Monday allows the only clinic – the family planning reproductive health services in the Saint-Louis area – to continue to perform abortions during the conflict between the clinic and health officials. state health.

Last month, the clinic sued Governor Michael Parson and the Missouri Department of Health and Seniors for refusing to renew his license.

This permit was due to expire on May 31. But the judge issued an order preventing the expiry of the permit until he heard arguments from both sides.

According to the court order, DHSS must render its decision on Planned Parenthood's license renewal application no later than June 21st.

A status review will also take place on this date.

What is happening in Missouri reflects a growing trend nationally. States impose strict rules on clinics for security reasons, while advocates of abortion rights say officials are actually trying to eliminate abortions.

The debate on abortion in Missouri has warmed up after the governor promulgated law 126. The new law prohibits abortion at eight weeks of pregnancy, even in cases of rape and incest. It is expected to come into effect on August 28th.
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Tensions escalated further after the St. Louis clinic sued Parson and DHSS for his license.

"Today's decision is a clear victory for our patients – and for the people of Missouri – but the threat to a safe and legal abortion in the state of Missouri and beyond is far from over, "said Dr. Leana Wen, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Federation of America, said in a statement.

"We are in a state of emergency for the health of women in America," the statement said. "In Missouri and across the country, Planned Parenthood will do everything in its power to combat the extreme, dangerous and unconstitutional efforts of politicians to prohibit access to health care, including legal and reproductive abortions. We will never stop fighting for our patients. "

CNN's Alexandra Field, Julia Jones and Sheena Jones contributed to this report.


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