MLB Heater: Brewers and Braves would be looking for a closer agent, Craig Kimbrel


Craig Kimbrel, the independent agent relief player, is the all time leader in saving money during a 30 year season. Yet, less than a week after the opening day, Kimbrel remains on the market. Sooner than later, it looks like it will change.

Kimbrel's "auction" – and we use that term lightly – would be awarded to the Atlanta Braves and Milwaukee Brewers, according to David O 'Brien of The Athletic.

The Braves, Kimbrel's original team, have been linked to him throughout the winter. Kimbrel pleaded for the Braves for five seasons before being traded to the San Diego Padres. The Braves have done little to solve their problems this season. If the season started tomorrow, they would start the year with Arodys Vizcaino, often injured, who would get closer. Kimbrel would give manager Brian Snitker more reliability at the back of the games.

It would be the same for Brewers and skipper Craig Counsell. Milwaukee is interested in Kimbrel after learning that Corey Knebel, the closest to date, has a damaged UCL. It is not known if Knebel will require surgery from Tommy John, but it seems more than likely that he is missing a considerable time because of his arm problems. Kimbrel would then be useful.

Over the past three seasons, Kimbrel has accumulated a ratio of 184 ERA + and 4.07 on the stick. For his career, he ranks 14th overall in savings. He will enter the top 10 with 35 others.


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