MLS: An overview of all new MLS uniforms for 2019


The 2019 season of Major League Soccer will kick off this weekend with a few games on Saturday afternoon. It seems like a good time to take a look at the new uniforms that will be on the MLS field for the next nine months.

The general theme of this year seems to remain simple. Most teams have removed items from their previous jerseys with very simple patterns. Sometimes it works well, sometimes a little too much. Here, we review each team to show you the new looks and the jersey that will be replaced.

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We start with the champions (and also, well, in alphabetical order) …


A slight change from the Atlanta main kit: the vertical stripes are now thinner and more plentiful; they have also been added to the sleeves. A state map of Georgia was added in the lower left of the jersey with a "17" in reference to the inaugural season, in addition to the number that the club has designated for its supporters.

Nothing else?

Georgia State Map and Championship Star Added to Atlanta Master Kit in 2019

Oh yes, a brand new championship star over her badge, in the honor of winning the 2018 MLS Cup in her second season.



Chicago has updated its secondary kit to match it, by adopting the full horizontal strip on the front. The team also has a sponsor of the new jersey for the primary and secondary, from Motorola to Valspar.



The only extension in 2019, FC Cincinnati will bring its blue and orange colors to Major League Soccer. The main jersey features a pattern of vertical orange glitchy stripes on blue. The secondary kit is as clear as possible – all in white with the badge and the sponsor.



The Rapids have abandoned their secondary design inspired by Colorado's blue, red and yellow flags, to the benefit of a flag that better matches their team's current color scheme, bordeaux and silver. Now a "white cloud", the jersey is designed to pay tribute to the region's local mountain culture, snow-capped peaks and everything in between.



Still alive! The Columbus Crew has simplified things for 2019, the checkerboard pattern has been removed from each side of their yellow jersey. The pattern is not gone for good, it is now a subtle background pattern on the entire shirt.



The trend of simplification continues with DC United taking off its red sleeves and the silver-to-black wings of its secondary jersey. In its place is a white jersey with silver accents around the collar.



FC Dallas has introduced its new secondary kit called "Jersey of Reunion", paying tribute to the architecture of Dallas. It's subtle, of course, but the all-white jersey features a diagonal (near-sighted) band inspired by the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, a similar circular piece at the top of the Reunion Tower on the sleeve honoring Lamar Hunt.




The rainbow "guts" continue to live, but in a slightly reduced capacity. Reducing the colors from five to three, the Houston Dynamo rainbow pattern, which of course pays tribute to the old uniforms of the Houston Astros, is now higher on the chest and chevron-shaped. Light blue has been added as a finishing color on the sleeves and stays on the collar and on the stars above the badge.



The Los Angeles Galaxy will recognize each of its MLS Cup wins with five stars above the badge instead of a single star to represent them. The new secondary jersey adds vertical stripes in the new "glitch" pattern while removing all the gold marks from the color palette.



The second-year Los Angeles football club qualifies its new Street By Street jersey design. It presents a pattern of concrete blocks to "represent the texture and strength of our streets". The gold is gone, the money is in it.



Simplification continues throughout MLS. Minnesota United removes its silver shoulders and stripe at the waist to form a very plain white jersey with slight hints of powdery blue. The team calls it their "Drift" jersey.



The Montreal Impact retains its trademark look while participating in some of these simplification measures. The stripes, like Atlanta, have been reduced and increased, but now disappear in the middle of the jersey. A bell logo is added at the bottom left in honor of the North Star Bell of Saputo Stadium.



New England eliminates the red of his "Colonial" secondary jersey; now, light blue is added to the color of the sleeves as well as on each side of the main base. Adidas bands remain, now in blue. The only red exists in the badge and the MLS shield.


Red Bulls from New York

The Red Bulls go from white to gray on their main kit, the white and silver diagonal stripes have been replaced by LOVE FIGHT PASSION GLORY, which also appears on the bottom left in red.

The back of the jersey has the name of the team in big red letters below, under the number of the player.



It may be the update that I like the most. The NYC FC retains its vibrant blue sky jersey but adds a thick navy blue and orange vertical stripe (I love this color combination). The band is broken to give way to the sponsor of the jersey.



Orlando City keeps it purple but removes the gold Adidas stripes on the shoulder. The pattern used on the base of the shirt has been updated and the collar goes from the button to the most modern.



The Philadelphia Union has eliminated its blue sleeves and striped the sides (remnants of Adidas tapes) in favor of a cleaner look. The snake logo has been added at the bottom right, which also creates a sunburst pattern. For their primary and secondary jerseys, the Union has removed the color of the sponsor's logo to help it harmonize with the rest of the design – good material.



The Portland Timbers bring a nice update to their main jersey, keeping the green in the center, the team added dark green rings while removing the golden stripes of Adidas on the shoulders. The badge also receives an update, the ax returns to its usual white color instead of the gold used last season.



Real Salt Lake is going in the opposite direction to other teams looking for a simple design by adding a digital glitch pattern to their otherwise united design from 2018. Blue takes second place in 2019, with red becoming the dominant color of the Real Salt Lake secondary kit. , note the badge now in red and white.



Not yet a jersey sponsor for the San Jose Earthquakes who introduced a cleaner primary jersey, dropping the enlarged badge design from the base for a plain black with a blue horizontal stripe on the top.



Speaking of going in a totally different direction, the Seattle Sounders have adopted a new color scheme for their "Nightfall" secondary jersey. Now black with touches of pink, the jersey was inspired by a photo taken during a match of the Cascadia Cup in Seattle in 2014, showing the sunset behind the stadium.



The Sporting KC is one of many to add the "digital glitch" motif to his jersey. The new main kit keeps the powder blue but drops the vertical stripes in favor of this diagonal pattern; the blank has also been eliminated outside the badge.



A must-see sign of simplification in 2019, the Toronto FC eliminates from its main kit everything outside of the logos: a plain red shirt, a little gray survives the wrists and the inside collar.



The Vancouver Whitecaps are interested in their past for their new main design, horizontal stripe and collar, both vaguely inspired by what the NASL Whitecaps wore forty years ago in 1979.

Vancouver Whitecaps Jersey 1979

This is in 2019. By 2020, we will have some new expansion teams to consider in Miami and Nashville, as well as the many usual changes in the league. Until then, you can shop for MLS jerseys here!

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