MMQB analyst compares Josh Allen's skills at QB All-Pro

1 – MMQB analyst compares Josh Allen's skills to this QB All-Pro

Brandon Beane and Sean McDermott then chose a player with known skills.

The duo had been used to winning with a big, athletic and strong smuggler at the center, as they were part of the Panthers' staff when Cam Newton led the team to a 15-1 record in 2015 When the time came, the leaders chose a player whose physical composition is almost identical to that of Newton.

Buffalo picked Josh Allen, a 6-foot-5 quarterback at the elite athletics and one-gun for an arm, in the first round of the 2018 draft. Allen was often compared to Newton before the the event, which partly explains why Buffalo was a logical landing place for the smuggler: the Bills office knows how to win with a player like Allen.

Allen showed up to the comparison with Newton in the win of the week 12 Bills on the Jags. He crossed 160 yards and rushed for 99 yards. Sports Illustrated writer Andy Benoit was impressed by what he saw coming out of the rookie during the win, claiming that he had seen Newton's nuances in his performance.

"You know what has particularly marked me in this game, and I've been surprised that it's not a bigger factor earlier this season, if Josh Allen can really run it." Benoit said on the MMQB podcast. "His mobility is an asset. I think he's in Cam Newton's class for his talent … I think he's in the class. . .

The reason I'm talking about Newton is that Allen can do it as a power runner. He weighs 245 pounds, but there is a load behind his movement. . .

They must use Josh Allen almost in the same way that the Panthers use Cam Newton. It's a diluted version, because it will take Allen a few years to do this kind of offensive offensive, but that's the way it should be. Josh Allen is the next Cam Newton if everything goes well. "

2 – This is what favored the emergence of Robert Foster

Barely six weeks into the rookie season, Robert Foster lost his chance in the NFL.

The striker, who eliminated Buffalo's team of 53 players from training camp, had no impact in the first six games of the 2018 season, totaling only two receptions for 30 yards. Buffalo gave up Foster after losing to the Texans in Week 6, placing him in his training group.

"I think the cut is what made me face the reality," Foster said during a recent appearance on One Bills Live. "It made me better understand the opportunities. That made me. I'm not saying that I do not take my job seriously, but it's really what made me work on things I needed to work as an NFL player. "

Although some were discouraged by the demotion, Foster saw an opportunity, a chance for him to mature and focus solely on his development.

"I'm young," Foster said. "I am a recruit. I try to seize every opportunity offered by veterinarians and coaches. It helped me develop more as a player and that's what the coaches wanted me to do all the time. "

Foster experienced growth in the scouting team, prompting Buffalo to promote him to his squad ahead of his 10-day battle with the Jets. The rookie shone in the 41-10 win, winning three passes for 105 yards. Foster once again scored the Bills on the 12th day of the Bills, with two passes for 94 yards and one point.

Foster has quickly become a serious threat to Buffalo, a weapon the team can count on when it needs a big game. Head coach Sean McDermott was delighted with Foster's progress.

"I just think we're watching a young man grow," McDermott said. "First, understand what it takes to play in this league. He has the right to play time and he has made the most of his opportunities since his return. I liked watching it grow. There is still room for growth, just like our football team. "

3 – PFF: Jerry Hughes is unblockable

Offensive attackers struggled to block Buffalo's defensive wing Jerry Hughes throughout the 2018 season.

In week 12, Ereck Flowers suffered the same fate.

Hughes was a nightmare for quarterback Blake Bortles in the win over the Jags in Week 12 of the Bills. He took advantage of the fact that he had faced a tackle that had been part of the Jacksonville roster for only a few weeks, ending the match with half a bag and three quarter shots.

Although Hughes eliminated Bortles only once in the competition, he was more often in the quarterfinal fifth. According to Pro Football Focus, the veteran rusher ended the match with eight quarterbacks.

Hughes is now sitting at 58 pressures on the season, good for the fourth among all defensemen. Only Aaron Donald, Fletcher Cox and Dee Ford recorded more shift pressure in 12 weeks.

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