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When I love #Diamond does not have money or body: – Stop
The #HammyMobeto guy who is currently a Kenyan country for a big show from Chipukeezy Kenya has had the opportunity to interview on television received asking him a big reason why she was attracted to Diamond up to # And she decides to take it out.

However, the journalist came to see him for items such as money, body or popularity that dragged him into the diamond until he decided to bear it.

I can not tell the truth what kit got me attracted because when I confronted him he did not have everything you call one, there is no money, no body and no popularity right now.

However, Hamisa also says that even when deciding to give up Diamond, it was because she thought it was the right time for her to leave her and she also believed that it was not the right time for her to leave her. there were many other men well for her.

It should be noted that their disagreements, but these two seem to have many sophisticated gaps between them and that the magicians are not aware.

Marriage is not a priority in my life – Wolper
Fashion designer and film actress Jacqueline Wolper made her appearance and said that the issue of marriage was not very important in her life.

Wolper is still complaining about the subject of torture and affection and says that every man he has ever had as part of his relationships has suffered and treats him:

In recent interviews, Wolper revealed that being a couple for marriage is currently not a priority as it has been very romantic:

In love I'm not really paying attention to the fact that I've been so romantic, but I'm asking this one I'll start thinking about it because I want to love more than anyone else that I've ever had. "

#Wolper has already admitted that Harmonize was one of the men who had hurt him because he had left her and had decided to have another woman for her. money when she left her husband who had a lot of money for her.

# Chemical- I'm lucky to have men
The musician artist of Bongo floating in his rap, Chemical has been open and clear: he is dominated by different men and people who think about it.