Modi drinking water during the Jana Gana national anthem? Viral Sach of modi lack of respect national anthem?


Modi Drinking Water During the National Anthem Jana Gana – Modi Disrespect National Anthem Viral Video, Narendra Modi Drinking Water, Viral Sach PM Narendra Modi Drinks Water for the L & # 39; National anthem. A video is viral on social media, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi insulted the national anthem while he was playing drinking water from Modi on Independence Day at the Fort Red. The video shows that during the national anthem, Modi drinks a glass of water, while in fact he should have stayed still, then the national anthem lacks respect for modi? Modi drinking water
The video was shared by a page titled "Bolta Hindustan"

The video shows that between the national anthem, that is to say when the song containing "Punjab, Sindh" was being sung, Modi drank water. The impression given is that Modi drank water when the anthem was sung. At the time of writing this article, Facebook posted more than 16,000 shares and more than 3,600 reactions.

The same video, with a different sound, was shared by a person claiming to be the former general secretary of the Gujarat Congress IT cell:
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  1. Kya chutiya bana rha hai tu modi bhakt saale sab protocall ke hisab se hota hai. Ussko pata hai hai mere vande matram ke bolne baad b turant national anthem shuru hoga to thodha ruk nhi sakta tha.

  2. God knows millions sacrifice their life and happiness for respect of national flag and anthem.Person who just not tolerate thrist for 2 minute what expect from him.All patriotism shown by him is fake.Learn something from Valamidir Putin.Beaware of these morons and bloodsuckers.Thanks.,,,JAI HIND JAI BHARAT.,,,,

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