Mom issues warning after failed microblading procedure

(CNN) – A Missouri woman speaks to educate others after a failed eyebrow procedure.

Five months ago, Jami Ledbetter, a mother of three, aged 42, went to a woman who claimed to be certified in microblading, a beauty technique that involves tattooing someone's eyebrows.

But Ledbetter ended up with sloppy eyebrows that made him lose confidence.

"I was devastated, I even went out with a guy and he stopped going out with me at that time," Ledbetter told WDAF.

She was unable to cover her eyebrows with makeup, so she went to someone who said she could "camouflage" her eyebrows, but it did not work. .

"It was quite painful, it burned a lot, it felt like it was hurt," said Ledbetter.

Kara Gutierrez, a licensed and insured tattoo artist specializing in permanent cosmetics, including tattoo removal, saw Ledbetter for the first time eight weeks ago. and is removed every eight weeks.

"You want crusts, so you're going to extract that pigment, it's very unpredictable that you can remove as much, but it works," Gutierrez said.

Gutierrez fears that more women will find themselves in this type of situation because the microlabel is not regulated in Missouri.

The UK Office of Tattoos, Piercings and Brands has published on its website a disclaimer of microblading: "Although the office recognizes the potential for public safety concerns. . practice."

This is not the case in all states in Kansas, where permanent makeup technicians are required to complete 1,200 hours of training, at least 50 completed procedures that can be audited and an apprenticeship.

Missouri State Representative Nate Tate is sponsoring a bill that would change the definition of tattooing to include new cosmetic procedures, such as microblading, to ensure increased control.

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