MoMo Challenge considered a hoax; Authorities ask parents to monitor children's social media


(WTAP) – Warning parents about a potentially dangerous trend in social media, the MoMo challenge. They say it could order your child to commit suicide, but law enforcement throughout the country, including those in the Mid-Ohio Valley, calls this a hoax.

Originally Japanese statue, MoMo has bulging eyes, an icy smile and black hair. It can be seen on Facebook, YouTube and other social media platforms. The challenge is to meet MoMo and to do this, one must follow a series of instructions, which may include hurting oneself or hurting others.

According to officials, no incidents were reported in the United States where a person was the victim of the challenge. However, local resource officers say the kids in our schools talk about the trend.

Although this challenge seems to be a fake, the authorities are taking this opportunity to warn parents to monitor their child's activity on social networks.

"I encourage parents to monitor what their kids are doing on social networks," says agent Adam Jones. "Limit time spent on the Internet, for example on YouTube. Watch for Instagram content, instant chat, Twitter, Facebook and all other social networks of your child, watch for it. Jones, head of resources at Jackson Middle School, said the kids were talking about rumors about the challenge at school.

YouTube indicates that there is no trace of videos of this type. This statement states in part: "We have not seen any recent evidence of videos promoting the MoMo challenge on YouTube – videos promoting harmful and dangerous challenges go against our policies."

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