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"Momo Challenge" encourages suicide to re-emerge on the Internet

A disturbing and violent Internet challenge that became viral in 2017 has resurfaced.

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Police around the world are warning parents about the online challenge that could encourage kids to commit suicide.

According to the Daily Mail, the so-called "Momo Challenge" began to appear around the world a few years ago and follows the same style every time. The challenge asks the user to add and contact a person called "Momo". They then send a flood of scary images and violent messages encouraging violence or suicide.

The image of a woman with grotesque traits is related to the game and extracted from a Japanese doll artist Midori Hayashi. The artist is not involved in the challenge.

According to the Buenos Aires Times, the challenge may be related to the death of a 12-year-old Argentinian girl who has apparently been suicidal. If confirmed by the police, the girl will be the first victim of this troubling challenge.

The challenge seems to go mainly through WhatsApp and Facebook, and the authorities are not sure of the motive of their authors. It was also broadcast via YouTube in the Peppa Pig and Fortnite videos.

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