Monster Hunter movie quest with Milla Jovovich coming to Monster Hunter World

Capcom brings Resident Evil movie star Milla Jovovich – and her monster hunting character Artemis from the upcoming Monster hunter movie – to Monster Hunter: World. Jovovich’s character will make an appearance in a two-part event quest, where she will be voiced by the actor.

Monster Hunter: World players will face Black Diablos, a monster prominently featured in Paul WS Anderson Monster hunter movie, and Greater Rathalos as part of the Event Quests, which will only be available to those who have achieved Master Rank. Players can earn special gear, layered armor, new titles, new background, and guild card poses to complete the event.

the Monster hunter The film-related event begins on December 4. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne players will receive a login bonus starting November 27 containing “a limited-time item pack full of useful items,” Capcom said in a press release, to celebrate the Monster hunter movie.

Monster hunter, the film, is slated to hit theaters on December 25. During this year’s New York Comic Con, Polygon sat down with director Paul WS Anderson to discuss his vision for the game’s adaptation. Read the interview here, or watch the hour-long panel below. below.

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