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A Consumer Reports survey recently revealed that Tesla Model 3 owners are the most satisfied and passionate about their cars.

Consumer Reports assesses customer satisfaction based on the driving experience, comfort, value, style and willingness of the owner to buy the car if the option is for him. offered. And, according to Consumer Reports, Tesla Model 3 seems to be the The most loved car considering each of these factors.

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Above: Another happy Tesla family with its model 3 (Twitter: Edgar Vega)

The Consumer Reports article (Paywall) explains in its free version: "The average price of new cars continues to increase; That's about $ 35,000 now, according to the National Automobile Dealers Association. However, you think happiness would be part of the deal, but that's not the case … Consumer Reports members shared their experiences with more than 500,000 vehicles in our 2018 auto surveys.

So who was happiest with their car? In the Consumer Reports print magazine, a comparison chart shows Tesla's Model 3 in the lead with 92 points of overall customer satisfaction. Two other electric cars occupied the green segment of the chart (most satisfied customers): the Tesla Model S, which was fifth with 88 points and the Chevrolet Bolt in eighth with 86 points.

Tesla Model 3 scores 92 points and is the car most loved by owners according to Consumer Reports. Scan by Mark Trover / Facebook

Above: Tesla Model 3 scores 92 points and is the most appreciated car by owners according to Consumer Reports (Mark Trover / Facebook scan)

Last year, Consumer Reports removed Tesla's Model 3 from its recommendation index because of its longer stopping distance, but Tesla was able to fix the problem within a week with a live software update.

Tesla Model 3 has scored a lot of tests and ratings, whether it's a 5-star NHTSA safety rating or a record 0 to 100 km / h. The stories and images that owners share from time to time on social media also provide an indication of how much they like their car.

The Tesla owners are one of the most engaged and enthusiastic groups, as their vehicles continue to be improved with software updates and fun Easter eggs (like the recent car entertainment with TeslAtari video games). ).

Above: How much does a Tesla Model 3 cost after 10,000 miles of ownership (YouTube: Andy Sly)

In addition, anecdotal evidence of "love" from Tesla Model 3 is often found on YouTube. After traveling 10,000 km, YouTuber Andy Slye seems quite satisfied (see above). In addition, other research has revealed results that seem to match this level of high satisfaction Tesla owners. Concrete Example – Experian recently found that Tesla was the most loyal customer of all other car brands.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali; Appeared originally on X Auto.

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